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Every Weekend is Like a Mini Vacation in the Capital-Saratoga Region

Every Weekend is Like a Mini Vacation in the Capital-Saratoga Region

Every Weekend is Like a Mini Vacation in the Capital-Saratoga Region

Famiy fun around the campfire The kids enjoy space in a tent. The family dog enjoys the outings
It never ceases to amaze me that people are often surprised when I tell them that my family loves to go camping. I’m not even sure why. Is there a sense that there is a “type” of person who camps? I can definitely tell you the answer is a resounding no! Camping really is an activity anyone can enjoy given how many different ways you can access this amazing activity.

Growing up, my parents took out our musty green tent every summer for a trip we took with friends. It was amazing, but definitely more of a rustic experience than my husband would prefer now. I also got to experience a slightly less “roughing it” way of camping by going regularly to my grandparents’ seasonal camp in the Catskills, where they had a waterfront site surrounded by friends and family. It was hard not to fall in love with the peace and slow pace that way of life brought.

Nowadays, I enjoy more of a “glamping” experience with my own family of five, plus our extra-large pup, all piling into our SUV with our bunkhouse camper in tow. We’ve done it all – taken our trailer on the open road to explore campgrounds all over New York State, visited theme parks, beaches, and even had a great time setting up a seasonal camp where we can leave everything set up for easy access at the end of a busy work week.

Keeping our camper nearby in the Capital-Saratoga Region makes a lot of sense for my family. We have three busy teenagers who have schedules of their own, and my husband, Mike, and I have pretty demanding careers. So, we opted for the last couple of years to set up camp about a half hour from home at Adirondack Gateway RV Resort & Campground in Gansevoort, NY – in the northern part of Saratoga County. We loved being able to throw together some clothes and groceries on a Friday night and arrive at our site ready to kick back and relax around the campfire. The kids sometimes brought friends along, pitched a tent on the site for extra space, set up corn hole and ladder ball for some heated tournaments (which I always lost), and just took in the fresh air and slower pace.

We also really enjoy all that there is to do throughout the area – from hiking at Albany County’s Thacher State Park to kayaking at Saratoga County’s Moreau Lake, to exploring many of the stops along the Capital Craft Beverage Trail, we had no shortage of fun activities to choose from in the Capital-Saratoga Region. For our family, camping is our way of making every weekend feel like a mini vacation that helps us escape hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Jill Delaney is the President & CEO of Discover Albany and a lifelong camping enthusiast. Photos courtesy of Jill Delaney.

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