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Work By Day, Camp By Night

Work By Day, Camp By Night

Work By Day, Camp By Night

Woman using laptop at campsite
Design your own best work/life balance in the great outdoors.

Anyone who lives in New York knows that summers here are fleeting—so it’s essential to embrace as many moments as possible. And nothing says summer like crickets chirping, a campfire crackling, and star gazing beneath a canopy of trees with friends and family. That’s the charm of camping, so why wait until the weekend?

Campgrounds tend to fill up fast on the weekends during our state’s summer months, and there’s really no reason why weekend campers get all the great outdoor fun, especially now that office dynamics have increasingly shifted to include a larger remote workforce. Conference from your lounge chair, Zoom by the lake (no fake backgrounds needed), tap out an email while lounging in the sun—sound good? It should. There’s growing evidence that spending time outdoors can improve your mental health and sharpen cognition, which ultimately means a more productive workday.
For remote workers, you have location independence, meaning you now have more options to choose where you work. While you’ll want to stay productive and create a workstation at camp that works for you—whether that means inside a tent, RV, cabin, or sitting outside in the shade—as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, working from home can also mean working from camp. And when the workday is done, all you have to do is shut your laptop and get on with your weekday camping.
Even if working from camp isn’t feasible, as long as there’s a campground nearby you can work during the day, and by night—it’s all about the campground experience. New York State offers a wide variety of campgrounds to setup camp, and no one ever said work had to be independent from beautiful settings and fresh air.
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Elissa Mitchell is the digital marketing manager for New York Web Works, Inc., a marketing partner of Campground Owners of New York.


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