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R & R on the River

R & R on the River

Vacationing in the land of 1000 Islands

kayaking under bridgeKayaking on the St. LawrenceCampfire along the St. Lawrence River

The 1000 Islands region is surely a special place and the reason is simple: the St. Lawrence River. From Cape Vincent, up Route 12E to Clayton and Alexandria Bay and beyond, it is just a wonderful place that my wife Adrienne and I have always enjoyed. 

Out on the water via one of the several cruise options available in the aforementioned communities, there is just so much to see. And those sights vary from quaint little cabins that seemingly fill the tiny islands they inhabit to the majestic Boldt and Singer Castles, which are both major tourist destinations. And don’t forget the lighthouses!

On shore, we enjoy just kicking back in a lawn chair and watching the large ships maneuver up and down the main channel, or perhaps we take in the lights of the Alexandria Bay Bridge as they begin to glow with the afternoon sun setting behind them.

We’ve enjoyed the wineries that have sprung up in the region in recent years, something the locals are proud of.  A tasting room sampling or shoreline dining is just the ticket for finding out what they’re all about. If you time your trip just right – usually in mid-June – you can enjoy the The Great New York Food & Wine Festival in Clayton (Covid-19 pending).

Recreation abounds in the 1000 Islands region, and again, it is centered around water. When the weather is calm, we’ve kayaked around the islands or up some of the tributaries, such as French Creek in Clayton, which makes for a fine outing. And the fishing in the region is among the best, anywhere.

Anyone who as ever spent time in the 1000 Islands can attest to the above. And those who haven’t will surely do so once they experience it for themselves.

Dan Ladd is the Editor of New York Outdoor News and He is Northern Region VP for the New York State Outdoor Writers Association.  Photos courtesy of the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council and Campground Owners of New York

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